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Let’s Make your iOS14 Homescreen Aesthetic AF!

With the brand new iOS14 update for iPhones, you have the ability to make your home screen BEAUTIFUL!

But then here‘s the big question... HOW??

I’m sharing all of my tips, tricks, and insight to make this as easy as possible. Because honestly, who has days to spend on their phone screens.

so, let’s get started. In order to begin, make sure you do the following 3 steps...


Why go with an Aesthetic kit, and what is it?

An Aesthetic kit is a curated set of images, icons, and quotes to create a stunning and cohesive look on your home screens. It will save you countless hours of scouring the internet for matching images. Each kit includes a wallpaper, a set of images for use in the widgets, and a number of icons in coordinating colors and themes.

To purchase an Aesthetic kit or Icon kit, click here:


Ok, so you purchased your Aesthetic kit, you got your update downloaded, hopefully you’re sitting somewhere cozy with a delicious coffee or glass of wine... and now it’s time to dive in!


This is one of the easier steps:

-Open your chosen image, and select ”Use as Wallpaper”

-Zoom it appropriately and hit ”Set”

Step one DONE!



Okay, so there’s countless Widget options. Open Widgetsmith and Color Widget and go to town!

Here are somethings you can do:

Once you’ve played with the app and created the ones you like, here’s how to add to your Homescreen:



This is the longest step, but the most worth it in my opinion. I want to note that you are not actually changing the app itself, you are adding a Shortcut to Open the app. You will briefly see the Shortcut app when you open it. To lessen the time here, go into your Settings > Accessibility > Motion and select “Limit Motion”. Also, you will no longer see badge notifications, the red numbers in the corner of your app, on the Shortcut. To me, this makes me happy since those notifications always gave me anxiety!

Before you begin this step, hide the apps that you are replacing on your homescreen by using the “hide app“ option in the Edit Homescreen page. Here are the steps:



Once you have a Shortcut set, you’re set! If you want to change the icon, go back into the Shortcut app and find the one you’ve already created. You will need click “Add to Homescreen” again and choose your new image. You can simply delete the old one.

Use the App Library to search for the other apps you don’t use all the time and don’t need on your main page. Scroll all the way to the right to get to your App Library.

You can also customize the screen when you swipe left from the Homescreen with more widgets. I save this for the not so pretty widgets like Activity and Screentime.



If you followed this tutorial or used my Aesthetic Kit, be sure to tag me on Instagram @sketchymandyy, I love to see your creativity!


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