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Holiday Gifting...

WOW! Are we really talking about HOLIDAY gifting already?? YES!

Last year was the first holiday season for sketchy mandyy and it was a learning experience, and the BIGGEST thing I learned was the importance of PLANNING AHEAD!

So, I wanted to share with you the AMAZING offerings and sneak peaks of what you can gift from the sketchy mandyy shop!


This gift is perfect for anyone. Choose a photo of your favorite memory, I will turn it into a work of art, print it out and frame it for the most thoughtful personal gift.

I offer FOUR different styles of portraits, so it can fit all budgets and personal preferences.

Customs are always open, but I will officially be opening HOLIDAY booking on November 1st.

I will have a limited number of spots, and once they are full, no more will be open before the holiday. So book FAST to secure your spot!

SECOND, Holiday Merchandise

I am so freaking excited for this, I can’t contain it! Here is just a SMALL sneak peek of the merchandise and apparel I will be releasing in the holiday collection.

Holiday Collection will include:




-coffee mugs


-travel mugs


This is great as a treat for yourself OR a gift for someone you love. These will be releasing on November 11th!


Y’all, I can’t with this HOW PRECIOUS!

Custom Digital Art printed on a crew neck, hoodie, cropped hoodie, or t shirt!

Matching items in select children’s sizes available as well.

Requests are open now, but official Holiday Booking will begin November 1st.

Apparel can include art in the Flat or Line styles of work.

Similar to the standard Digital Portraits above, there will be a select amount of spaces available for this option. So set your reminders and book ASAP!


YUP! That’s right, for the first time EVER sketchy mandyy is jumping off the screen and offering hand painted canvas pieces!

Canvases will be available in mini sizes (7x7, 6x8, 7x9) and be completely customizable. Styles offered on canvases will be Flat and Line, with additional personalization that can be discussed.

These will also release November 1, and of course: limited spots available.

Are you sensing a theme?

Make sure you book early to snag your spots and get the gifts that will surely put a smile on their faces this year!

So, which option are you MOST excited to give this year?

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