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Allow me to Introduce Myself…

*taps mic* allow me to reintroduce myself…

I’m Amanda, aka sketchy mandy. I’m a digital artist, influencer and content creator who thrives on creating cheeky designs that make you say “wow that is so me”. I help millennials find beautiful custom gifts, cozy chic WFH outfits, and modern unique wall art.

here’s a few fun facts about me:

1. I have 3 adorable kitties: Simba, Linda & Gary. Linda was born a runt, and missing a front paw, so despite being 12 years old she still resembles a kitten.

2. Mr Sketchy, aka my husband, has had the coolest career of anyone I’ve ever met. He ran the zoo when I met him and now runs an indoor arcade/outdoor water park. He also just happens to be my biggest supporter and best friend.

3. I watch way too much Bravo, I could debate for days which is the best RH city, why I still stan Stassi, and why Carl is the biggest glow up in Bravo history.

4. I love coffee, yes I’m a millennial and that just happens to be a personality trait of mine. And Amazon. The prime delivery men must hate me, but I promise to always share my best finds with you all.

5. I work full time as a Training and Development Manager, and I spent most of my career in the Fashion Retail space - so I LOVE sharing fun outfits - whether it’s feeling put together to WFH or to feel sexy AF for girls night, I got you covered.

BONUS: I randomly bust out a British accent and *im quite good at it honestly*

What about you? Introduce yourself in the comments! Do we have anything in common??

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