Custom Digital Portraits

Turn your memories into masterpieces

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How it Works


Choose the photo you would love to change from a memory to a masterpiece

Customize it! Choose the style of digital portrait and the background. We have a handful of different options to meet anyone's needs


Sit tight! Sketchy Mandy will work hard to turn your photo into stunning modern art! Most turnaround times are 1-2 weeks

Receive your piece via email. If you love it, great! Feel free to print as you wish (printing guide). If you don't love it, we will work on up to 2 edits to ensure you are thrilled with your purchase!

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Hover over each image to see more examples

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Starting at $35

Solid colors, no shadows, no facial details, eyebrows and glasses can be included

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elevated style 2.png

Starting at $35

Stylized line drawing, no colors or facial features

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elevated style 1.png


Starting at  $35

Starting at $35

elaborate style 1.png
elaborate style 2.png


Starting at $65

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extravagent style 1.png


Starting at $95


Photo Guidelines


  • Choose a photo with bright natural lighting

  • Ensure you love the facial expressions and poses

  • Choose a photo that is high quality and clear 

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  • Choose a photo that’s blurry or unclear

  • Have any obstructions for the main subjects

  • Choose a photo of a photo

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How to Submit your Photo

After you purchase your custom order, you will be asked to upload your image on the confirmation page, please make sure your image is in a .jpeg or .png format. Contact me for questions or if you happen to miss it.

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Printing Suggestions


If you are planning to frame your masterpiece, print it as you would a regular photo, see your local retailers for options.

Sizes: we suggest 8x10 or 16x20 unless otherwise noted

Places to Print: you can print at your local drug store (CVS, Walgreens, Target) or your local print shop (FedEx Office, Staples, UPS)

Online Printing: we suggest using Smallwoods, Shutterfly, or Minted

Printing on Merch: if you plan to print your custom on a t-shirt, coffee mug, etc. please let us know and we can send you the .png file for better printing results

Finishes: both glossy and matte finishes work

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